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Perfectionism Craftsman

on Jun 01 2017 20:06

Ever discover yourself fixing a part of your work over and over? Well, you're my buddy. Me too! If you ever looking at my GitHub profile, you have my words on it.

...Seek for good eternity and perfect code architecture...

Perfectionism is what drives me further into my dream. At the same time, it holds me for being a productive one. It's a real life dilemma. Keep it cool :sunglasses: anyway.

Here's my core problems actually.

  1. Consistency and Harmony : Itchy when discover style-mess, high coupled module, modules architecture inconsistency.

  2. Experiment : Itchy to experiment with latest learned architecture, technology, advertisement :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:.

  3. Work Once for Ever : Can't stop when experimenting. Thinking in the way, "This thing once designed, for forever," and should be stopped.

Perfectionism is the right dose. Control it, win it!

Looking for a cure!